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Model: AFCT
This chocolate truffle is a perfect for a post-workout snack or sweet little treat if you’re trying to eat healthier. They satisfied your sweet tooth perfectly, and that can be tough to do.They’re chewy, just sweet enough, and extremely satisfying.Majorly it is made with fig ,almond and cocoa ..
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Model: Assorted Colors Selfie Stick with Auxillary Cable
Highlights Extendible Length (in cm):45 Foldable Length (in cm):15 Connectivity:Auxillary Cable ..
Ex Tax:99
Model: FNNB
Milk Chocolate Bar with the delicious  and healthy toppings of almonds,peanuts raisins and imported cranberry. You will feel the amazing combination of silky smooth chocolate with crunchy and fiber rich taste of almond and peanut ,raisins and differently sweet cranberry takes the taste to the a..
Ex Tax:211
Model: Bluetooth Speaker Multicolored
Highlights Total RMS Power (Watts):4 Color:Green Playback Time (Hrs):7 Bluetooth Version:v4.0 ..
Ex Tax:410
Model: HSMB
It is a perfect combo of beautiful heart shape metal box and cute teddy bear . The height of teddy bear will be 9 inch and Heart metal box contain 12 almond chocolate approx weight 120 gm. you can order this exclusively at chocolatevenue. What You will get :1. 12 pc  of Almond Chocolate in..
Ex Tax:296
24K Golden Rose With Box Artificial Flower Gift Set 24K Golden Rose With Box Artificial Flower Gift Set
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Model: 24KGR
The lovely Golden Rose is the exceptional gift for your wife, girlfriend, mum or for anyone you love ! It comes in a beautiful presentation box.The gold rose petals and leaves are 99.9% 24-karat gold foil, scape is gold-plated. It is also used to Enhance the decor of any table with this elegant rose..
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Ex Tax:267
Model: HC
5 pc heart chocolate in beautiful packing is enough to enhance the beauty and deliciousness of any gift . You can add this with any gift in very affordable price. ..
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Model: ACRG
You can make your return gifting more premium and delicious in less budget. it is pack of 10 paper pouch. each paper pouch have 8 assorted chocolates. 1).  Assorted chocolates paper pouch(10)  .In each pouch you will get 8 variety of chocolates.  1Strawberry 2 Pineapple..
Ex Tax:1,085
Model: SHB
A beautiful premium heart shaped chocolate box filled with 27 assorted chocolates.Chocolates are capable of making your love one's day more sweet.What You will get :1. 27 Pcs assorted chocolates in a big heart shaped box.2. Free complementary chocolates and gift wrapping.3. Free delivery w..
Ex Tax:550
Model: ACC
This creation is a well balanced mix of sweetly soft caramel and chunks of almond,Which is filled in the toothsome chocolate.The perfectly roasted almond give its a health benefit and the caramel makes your heart happy. It is perfect center filled caramel chocolate praline to send to your lovely fri..
Ex Tax:364
Model: ACC
Almond is a well known dry fruit and it goes awesome with the dark chocolate .We developed a quick and healthy dry fruit chocolate dessert made with these two simple ingredients healthy almond and dark chocolate. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and  a bit of crunch. These a..
Ex Tax:338
Delicious chocolate coated on a crunchy and healthy almond marzipan with a aroma and flavour of fresh rose.This almond chocolate truffle will delight your taste buds with smooth ,crunchy and aromatic taste.A hint of rose flavour give a surprisingly unique taste to the truffle.What You will get :1. 2..
Ex Tax:338
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